Many years ago, Cupid made a 5,000-mile journey from Oxford House, Manitoba to Portsmouth, UK. He had been sent by 'Cinder Jack' on an urgent mission to find the place where Kathleen lived and give her a slipshod parcel of slippers to see if they would fit.
'Cinder Jack' was lovesick and lonely, living in a harsh, primitive land. But he knew a Swampy Cree woman who was an expert at handicrafts, such as making beautiful slippers.
Destined to be worn by a princess, they were
of the finest doeskin, trimmed with the fur of a white rabbit. She designed an intricate floral pattern and embroidered it with silk threads of many luminous colors.
When Kathleen found the surprise parcel on her doorstep, she tried the slippers on and began to dance with glee. They felt just right!
She would leave her boring round of glittering balls and gilded banquets, royalty, parties and performances and follow her heart to a distant land!
In the northern territory of snow and bog, cut off from all her family and friends, she joined Jack and they lived happily ever after.
February 6, 2012