Kathleen's Cariole Ride is the perfect book to take on your vacation.

"It is a beautiful love story, quick read and meaningful pictures that really capture your heart. I'm not familiar with the Canadian landscape, but this makes me want to research more!"
Stephanie Brown Aquino, San Dimas, California

   "This book on the author's parents and their short sojourn in Northern Canada 90 years ago breathes life into a picture of native relations, missionary fever, and northern living some 90 years ago. I found the story to be captivating and enjoyable - the story line is clear and focused, and it is written with a sense of excitement and involvement that captures the reader's attention. The fact that the author is writing a brief history of her own parents in rough living conditions and with a different set of cultures shows how much the background of our north has changed in less than a century.
Accountant's Vision  Robert Brown, Toronto, ON"