I spent Sunday Night with the Rabbi Reuven Bulka as a guest on his live radio show of that name in Ottawa. He's a world famous logotherapy psychologist and editor or author of 35 books. He may be most renowned for his conversion of American radio talk show host, Laura Schlesinger, to orthodox Judaism. Her later decision to recant shocked him.
He's a mesmerizing person who breezed in after the newscap at the top of the program had already started. I was on cloud nine in his presence and our words were being stored on The Cloud too. Due to the modern miracle of podcasts, anyone can hear his "live" interviews anytime on www.CFRA.com and never spend another Sunday night alone. You can play them or download them fast to your own computer by clicking on:
I was euphoric to have landed this chance to gain exposure for my new Kindle ebook, Kathleen's Cariole Ride.
Weeks before, I had called the publicist and author Randy Ray to say I had 50 disposable dollars and wondered if, for that amount, he could provide me with a list of local media, and some phone consultation. He said yes and I agreed not to share his list of 10 outlets, 33 programs, names, job titles and coordinates. I emailed my two-page pitch to the likeliest prospects. Well before my book was published on Dec. 17 I had lined up an interview on Rogers' Daytime TV, this chat on CFRA News/Talk Radio and an article in the online newspaper, True North Perspective.
We went on the air at the same time as the Super Bowl, so the Rabbi told the audience he knew they all wanted to watch the game. He proposed they keep their TV sets on with the sound off and listen to us instead. He would give them an update on the score at each break. "Let's do it. Have the best of both worlds. This is more important," he said.
Forty-five mintes flew by as we talked of a war, a loss, a cup of tea, a love affair and preposterous, inconvenient solutions to living out a romantic twenties dream in Canada's northern territories, while our words flew up to The Cloud.
He asked such good questions even I experienced new, exciting emotions when I tuned in later to hear what I had said.

Whether it's the down-to-earth people or the heavenly clouds, using local media is surely the best bookmarketing move I've made to date!

February 9, 2012