Northrop Frye, Literary Critic 

My Favorite Professor

Northrop Frye was my favorite English professor at Victoria College, University of Toronto. If you look in Wikipedia, you will see scholars consider him the foremost literary critic and literary theorist of the twentieth century. Although I took lectures from him for five years and was invited to his home along with the rest of our graduating class, we were both so shy I barely spoke a word to him. However, he loved his students and we did have friendly eye contact from time to time. In four different ways I could identify with him closely:

(1) He had a biblical Protestant upbringing as a child, as I had

(2) He had graduated in Philosophy, English & History from Vic, as had my father.

(3) He was a United Church minister, trained at Emmanuel College, as was my father

(4) He and his wife-to-be Helen Kemp became engaged in their last year at Vic. My engineer husband and I became engaged in my last year there. After we became engaged I took Tom with me to one of his lectures and I think we were quite conspicuous as I sat flashing my diamond ring at Frye from the front row. Most of all, Frye 

In 2016 Northrop Frye's Lectures, edited by Professor Robert Denham, was published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing. I am the author of eight of the fifteen chapters of students' class notes in the 703-page tome. Denham chose my notes because they were so complete. I had taken time out of college mid-way into my third year and learned Pitman shorthand on a receptionist/secretary's job at the Toronto Telegram.

Most of all, Frye has clarified my understanding of literature, the Bible and myself so I feel like a much stronger, freer person.  

If you click on the cover image of A Book of Kells on my Home page and enter the word "Frye" in the search box of the Look Inside the feature, you will be able to read what I wrote about him. He is also mentioned on the back-cover blurb.

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and posted some of his quotes online on Twitter, Facebook and GoodReads. 

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