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This is the seat of a passionate love of books and all things, such as scraps of paper left behind in a keepsake box, that go into making them. The canoe symbolizes the comments box on my blog and all boxes that store memories. I hope you will browse around, follow the links above and leave a treasure of your own in the 'canoe'. My blog Cozy Book Basics explores the core connections between storytelling, reading, writing and having a good life. These last forever and give us reasons to rejoice. The vintage family pictures and Northrop Frye corner let me share gems that most inspire me. On the reviews and comments page, you will see how the people I have been able to share my parents's story with have responded to it. Fifteen years ago A Book of Kells was published using the new digital, print-on-demand technology and I was invited to exhibit it at the BookSurge booth at Frankfurt FairThe more I can share my parents' and family's story with people like you, the more joy for us all.

The Love Story in Pictures

Gently place your mouse about 1/4" to the left of and 1/8" below the right hand corner of each picture. The story line will pop up.


My Help to Give Your Family History a Literary Tone, FastPace & Faultlessness

This photo of me was taken at the recent British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa's annual conference. I sold a gratifying number of books and introduced a new service for helping other writers of family histories. Here's what the text on the pink sheet at the bottom right corner of the photo says:

  • "Assuming you would like your family history to be more than a handbook or reference text, I can help you make it more literate, engaging and easy to read. Most family histories contain fascinating, well researched, important, intriguing information. But many lose pace and risk having their readers stop paying attention. They don't feel compelled and transported to the very end of the book.
  • "Working from the basis of notes I took on Northrop Frye's lectures on the Novel and Literary Criticism (see Northrop Frye's Lectures, 1947-55, edited by Robert D. Denham, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2016), I'm familiar with what's vital to making a story succeed. You know what I'm talking about, e.g. a theme, a beginning, a middle, a climax and an end -- all within its own setting but with universal applications. Non-fiction, not just fiction, can be well loved.
  • "Boring passages are unforgivable. Spelling or grammatical errors distract, irritate the reader and degrade the product. These can best be detected by someone who humbly dons the reader's shoes. Culprits may be too many words, not well chosen words or unsound structure. Repetitions or contradictions will be spotted quickly by the literary pro.

"Here's how to proceed.
1. Contact me at
2. Your manuscript should have already been submitted to publishers, rejected and returned.
3. You have obtained the editorial help you needed, done exhaustive research, checked every detail ad infinitum and are satisfied you have written your very best. But it has your name on it and you do not want to give up. It has other potential paths to attaining success.
4. My rate is $40 an hour. I will ask you to pay me $200 up front, since it takes at least six hours to read a book about 200 pages long and other jobs must be refused. This non-refundable amount will be applied to the total bill.
5. My guarantee is that you will like your book even better when I have done my job. Changes I recommend will be listed in emails sent to you.

6.Your manuscript will be returned to you marked up in editor's blue pencil. The marks will be invisible if you make a new photocopy of the manuscript after inserting in it the revisions you choose to make."


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